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Parenting OC magazine seeks nominees for teacher and school employee awards
Parenting OC is seeking candidates for its 2020 School Heroes of Orange County awards program. The magazine is once again asking school administrators, parents and students to nominate their exemplary teachers, as well as outstanding instructional assistants, custodians, office clerks, technicians and other non-certificated staff members.


California child care workers gain new union rights to bargain with the state for higher pay
Tens of thousands of California child care providers gained new rights to bargain for better wages and health benefits under a new law Gov. Gavin Newsom signed on Monday, the labor unions sponsoring the bill announced. The new law will apply to more than 40,000 workers who care for families that receive child care cost assistance from the state. It will allow them to negotiate with the California Human Resources department over wages and health care benefits. The legislation, authored by Assemblywoman Monique Limon, D-Goleta, also gives unions rights to attend orientation meetings for child care workers and promote their union. It also requires the state to give unions contact information for child care providers.


California schools can no longer suspend students for being on their phones. Will this help or hurt learning?
In middle school, Anthony Avila would stand up in class, talk to friends when he wasn’t supposed to and sling his legs across a second chair. His disruptive behavior got him sent to the office a lot, where he would sit in silence, often stewing. In high school, Avila’s math teacher used another tactic. She kept him in class when he acted up and opened her room early so they could talk. When other teachers still sent him to the office, the staff at Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine was kind. They asked him to run errands or make copies. Counselors helped him with school work.

ACLU warns Oceanside school board to stop restricting public comment
On Thursday, the nonprofit sent a letter to the school board and superintendent detailing possible violations of the Brown Act, the California law that mandates open meetings of local agencies, and safeguards the public’s right to participate and speak at those events.


Is my kid vaping? If so, what? And how do I help them quit? Here are tips for worried parents
With at least a dozen recent deaths from vaping-related lung injury and confirmed cases nationwide topping 800, parents are right to be worried. As use of electronic cigarettes by middle and high school students has skyrocketed, so has the number of parents unaware they have nicotine-addicted children.  Complicating matters, even parents who know vaping is occurring can find it near impossible to figure out what their children are inhaling into their lungs. That can be true even if they find the device.  Whether it's nicotine, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil or both, teens need to quit. That's far easier said than done.


Tests find carcinogen in tap water at Ripon school. Maybe it wasn’t the cell tower.
A chemical compound that is a known carcinogen was detected in the drinking water at Ripon’s Weston Elementary School last March, during the same month parents were protesting a cellular tower as the possible cause of cancer cases among students. Testing conducted for Ripon Unified School District in March found trichloroethylene (TCE) in the school’s tap water. The city and state regulators have tracked TCE in the groundwater since a contaminated plume was linked to the former Nestle plant in Ripon, which for decades made decaffeinated coffee. The plant closed in 1994.

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